15 ways this kids’ book will send your child’s confidence sky-rocketing

Our exciting new personalised journal has an even more exciting mission. It sets out to prove that your child – no matter who they are – is truly, undeniably extraordinary. And to make them believe it, we’ve stuffed the whole book full of mind-expanding activities and clever personalised details. Curious to see how the magic works? Discover our top 15 confidence-boosting pages below.

1. Astonish them with their own page in the dictionary

In fact… TWO whole pages of 100% certified* dictionary definitions. We take your child’s name and turn it into all sorts of wonderful new words that sum up their innate extraordinariness. Who can argue with that?
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*Approved by the Official Wonderbly Committee for Fantastical Words.

2. Inspire them with all the business cards they’ll ever need

Whether they want to be a brain surgeon (‘It’s not rocket science’) or a rocket scientist (‘It’s not brain surgery’), there’s a whole page of potential future business cards that show them there’s nothing they can’t do or be. And if none of these careers are quite ambitious enough, there’s space for them to write their own.

3. Encourage them to celebrate and measure their strengths

One page features an incredible, one-of-a-kind funfair strength tester that helps your child decide what life values really matter to them. We bet you’ll start to see some positive changes in their behaviour, quicker than you can say ‘Step right up!’

4. Validate their dreams

It doesn’t matter how big, how wild, how messy, how really ambitious your child’s wishes and dreams are. This whole page is dedicated to making sure they get them down on paper because that’s the first step towards making them real. They even get a certificate to reinforce them how important their dreams are.

5. Remind them that life has its ups and downs

And loop-the-loops, corkscrews, and downright unexpected twists. Life isn’t always going to be straightforward, and that’s okay. This page gets your child to write down when things got a little hairy – and reminds them that if they got through them once, they’ll get through them again.

6. Magically shrink their fears

Here’s how it works: kids write their fears into our patented Fear Shrinker machine. They then have to ask what’s the worst that could happen? How likely is it? Would I survive? And voila! Those fears are magically shrink-tivated and seem suddenly much smaller than before.

7. Help them bin their worries

Some fears just seem to hang around. That’s when they become nagging worries. This page encourages kids to write down their worries, then screw them up and bin them – symbolically banishing them from their brains too!

8. Give them permission to fail

Teach your child to celebrate their mistakes! Every mistake is a chance to learn and grow and get one step closer to getting it right. These fail vouchers help a child realise that failing isn’t bad. It’s all part of their miraculous growth.

9. Allow them to feel their feelings

We all feel angry sometimes. Or sad, or pent up and frustrated. In a specially-created art gallery for feelings, your little tortured artist can let it all out in glorious technicolour scribbles whenever they need to.

10. Help them turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can!’

Just because your child can’t do something just yet, doesn’t mean they’ll never be able to do it. It’s all about practice and a positive mindset. This page gives them space to record all the things they CAN do, with the right amount of effort.

11. Motivate them to face their challenges

Are you readyyyyyyy… for your child to star in their own awe-inspiring stunt show?! All they need to do is write down their next big challenge, its obstacles and how they’re going to overcome them. And the crowd goes wild!

12. Calm them down with some mindful colouring

If your child’s head is feeling full and busy, there’s a lovely colouring-in page to help them get grounded in the here and now. As an extra bonus, can you reveal the inspiring personalised message hidden in there?

13. Teach them empowering phrases in other languages

Like ‘I’m here for the Nobel Prize Ceremony’ in Swedish. And ‘Is my Presidential Suite ready?’ in Italian. You never know when they might come in handy.

14. Add a personalised note of confidence, from you to them

It’s not just the book that knows how amazing your child is. Oh no! You can also express your depthless admiration in a personalised dedication, printed for free. Something they can read whenever they need a little boost.

15. Still not convinced? Get them to discover the secret hidden message!

If, after all that, your child still needs convincing of their incredible extraordinariness, then this book has a clever trick hidden up its sleeve. Running through every page is a secret word, that when added up reveal a message that categorically PROVES how amazing they are!

Show your child how extraordinary they are! Put them in the story.

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