We’d love to see your little ones #LostInTheStory

#LostInTheStory - Baby Ryker with personalised book


We all know that moment. The house falls suddenly silent. In that split second, all sorts of thoughts go through your head. Mostly, though, you wonder what new feat of structural engineering your little one’s achieved to reach the snack cupboard this time.

But then you walk in on them totally immersed…in a book! Your heart melts (or at least starts beating again once you realise they haven’t turned the entire kitchen upside down). Adorability levels are officially through the roof. There’s nothing quite like it, is there?

It’s why we’ve created #LostInTheStory on Instagram. Because we get so many snaps of young readers captivated by the magic of their own personalised children’s book. And we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves any longer.

Here are just a few posts we’ve shared already. A humongous thank you to the grownups who’ve captured these special moments.

You can get involved by tagging us (@wonderbly.com) and using #LostInTheStory in your posts.

1. The one with the curious elephant

2. The one with the budding artist

3. The one with the beguiled bunny

4. The one with the forgotten candy

5. The one with the faithful lookout

6. The one with the Mother’s Day prediction

7. The one that we’re claiming still counts

True, Baby Ryker here is too young to even know his name. But just look at him. He’s so tiny and new, he could quite literally get wrapped up cosily between the pages of the book!

Over to you

If you’ve captured a sweet moment where your little one is utterly immersed in their own magically personalised children’s book, share it with us on Instagram by tagging us (@wonderbly.com), and using #LostInTheStory in your caption. We can’t wait to see them all.