LATEST: Mystery Magboggles take over homes across UK


The mystery kit that’s got children everywhere believing in magic


Introducing The Curious Case of the Magboggle: a never-before-seen storytelling kit that takes the magic off the page and into your home. Learn how you can transform an ordinary day in into an extraordinary escapade with our new intriguing adventure…

Step 1: Set the scene


Magboggles are notoriously mischievous creatures who love nothing better than to steal your favourite belongings. Carefully choose some objects to go mysteriously missing just before you create the adventure.

Step 2: Leave some curious clues


The Society of Mystery Keepers is desperate to banish these pesky Magboggles. Inside your kit you will find very important letters and clues to deliver throughout the game to keep the suspense going.

Step 3: Cast a Magboggle-busting spell


A powerful potion and some magical words are vital if your child is to save the day – and recover the missing items! Luckily you will have all the instructions you need in your kit to teach the Magboggle a lesson.


Bring the magic to life with your very own mystery kit