Which 3 would you choose? Discover the strengths adults most want to give a child.

Prepare a child as they set off on that wide, wondrous road

Life can sometimes seem big and scary when you’re small. Our new book The Wondrous Road Ahead helps set them up for their journey of life with some important lessons to be learned (and fun to be had, of course). Which three strengths would you choose for a child to carry with them for life?



What a kind bunch you are! Kindness is the most popular strength chosen by grown-ups to give to a child they love. In the story, it sees your child encounter a greedy bird called the Tromblewick and teach them the value and joy of sharing. In a world where kindness can sometimes be in short supply, teaching a child to share with other children is a lovely skill for life.



Babies start to become curious about the world around them at just two months old. But how to keep that spark of wonder alive as they grow up? In the book, your child meets an Uninterested Unch and encourages him out of his cave to marvel at the world outside. A glorious way to nurture an inquiring, explorative and joyful young mind.



If a child encounters something difficult at school or at home, it can sometimes seem easier to give up. But in our story they must roll up their sleeves and help a Wavering Wimple make it all the way up a mountain – using sheer persistence and self-belief. A powerful personality builder to carry with them through life’s ups and downs.



Being scared can be a useful thing. But what if it stops us living life to its fullest? In our story, a child comes across a curious group of Cowardly Custardfruits who are too scared to play in the sunshine. But your little hero leads them forth with spirit, bravery and courage. A fantastic way to empower a child when navigating the new and unfamiliar in life.



Now… be honest. Who really ate all the pies? Well in this case it was tale-telling Mallowax – who’s told so many fibs he’s got himself stuck! Your child helps to free him by teaching him to always tell the truth. And in a world caught up in fake news, we think honesty is a truly honorable and trustworthy life skill to pass on to a child.



Learning boundaries with other children at nursery or school can be tricky. In our story, your child must teach a meddlesome Indigoat about respect and persuade him to stop trampling over other people’s gardens. Recognising that others may be different to you – but that their belongings, beliefs and backgrounds are equally as valid – is a vital lesson for a child to learn early on in life.