The 7¼ Wonderbly number facts from 2019

We’ve delved into our memory archives and grabbed 7 ¼ fantabulous facts about our year. And by our calculations, we think they’re pretty cool, we hope you do too…

1. Where are our Where Are You…? books? 140 countries that’s where!

Being popular is kind of exhausting. Personalised copies of Where Are You…? have travelled everywhere from Guadeloupe and Macau to The Marshall Islands and Lichtenstein by car, truck, plane, ship, train, rocket, elephant…Okay, maybe not rocket and elephant.

2. The 5 most popular girls and boys names in 2019 were…..*drumroll*

We get introduced to so many lovely names in so many languages each year, here are the top names we printed for English speaking readers, maybe you know one?:

Boys: Oliver, Harry, George, Noah, Jack
Girls: Olivia, Amelia, Isla, Ava, Emily

3. We printed 9 NEW personalisable, incredible, magical, fantastical books

And we have more to come! Writing books that inspire self-belief and confidence is such a joy that the ideas just keep on coming. We’ve delighted over four and a half million children so far, and look forward to delighting even more. Just don’t ask us to pick our favourite book – we just can’t!

4. Wonderbly HQ in numbers

Wonderbly’s a place where not just book magic happened in 2019 but also this; we drank 12,250 cups of tea (ish), we welcomed 1 new baby (ahh), 7 dogs visited us (woof) and we sang Happy Birthday at least 46 times (la laaa).

5. We received 6836 5* reviews and 1 100* review!

It was a bumper year for reviews! What a generous lot our readers are, thank you. Here’s one that made us all emotional:

“If I could give a 100 star review I would. I bought 4 of these books for my grandkids for Christmas. They are everything and more I could have hoped for. Beautiful quality, stunning illustrations and touching stories. If you haven’t bought one or more you really should.” – Sally

6. We shipped the equivalent weight of 1666 llamas in books!

What a vision! We sent a whopping 250000kg of books to six continents in 2019. Six! It was easy peasy though, because after all, there are no dramas with a llama.

7. We donated £15,900+ to help children’s dreams come true

We stepped up the feel-good factor with our customers this year. Thanks to your 20,173 orders of our Christmas Wishes For You book, together we’ve helped children’s wishes come true.

7 ¼. There will be one more bedtime in 2020!

Next year is a leap year which is great news for all you bedtime story lovers – and any-time-of-day-book lovers! One extra day and night to inspire children to dream big, feel loved and believe in themselves. What a treat for us all.

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