Fold yourself a mini origami crown

We all know that a flat crown’s no use to anyone. So follow our simple steps below and transform your humble leaf of paper into a majestically 3D royal ornament. Then your little one can rule the world (for a change…) 

Step 1

Place your paper square on a hard surface. (This first bit is like those origami fortune tellers we used to make at school, you remember…) If you’re making this with your John Lewis thank-you note, make sure the Wonderbly logo is facing up.

Step 2

Fold the bottom-left corner up to the top-right corner. Make a crease, then unfold. Then fold the bottom-right corner up to the top left. Again, make a crease and unfold.

Step 3

Maintaining a regal air, fold the bottom-right corner into the centre, making sure the creases line up. Do the same with the other three corners. Don’t unfold them (or Their Majesty shall be angered).

Step 4

Flip the paper over. Fold the entire top edge down to meet the centre. Then do the same with the bottom edge. As you do this, your triangles will pop out from underneath. Good day!

Step 5

Bring the bottom triangular flap up to meet the top. Then fold your bottom two corners diagonally inwards, along the existing crease. Deep breaths…you’re doing great.

Step 6

Bring both (big) triangular flaps down to the bottom. Then fold your top two corners diagonally inwards, along the existing crease – as you did in the previous step. Now bring just the upper triangular flap over to the top.

Step 7

Now it’s time for the Grand Shaping of the Crown – an exclusive event to which few are invited. Pull the top and bottom of your paper away from each other to open up the centre. You’ll see it start to resemble a kind of fruit-bowl shape.

Step 8

Flip the paper and continue to shape your crown. If you’re feeling particularly regal, you can fetch a marker pen and draw on some priceless jewels.

Step 9

Politely request that your King or Queen join you in the parlour for the coronation. (Or teddy’s coronation…) Oh, and if you’d like a bigger crown, you can do this with a giant square of paper. Happy folding!