Make a Glow Home lantern with your kids

Learn how to make a lovely, house-shaped lantern decorated with your kids‘ drawings. A lovely reminder of the safety of home.

Make your own Sock Puppet Family Selfie

A memorable way to get goofy with the people you love the most (and create this year’s most shareable pho-toe).

Make an alphabet tree with a toddler

A crafty way to teach toddlers the alphabet. Simply print, cut and stick your homemade letters to the Alphabet Tree!

Keep your kids close with Koala Claws

An adorable way to keep your cub close to you when out on adventures.

Doorway Dare: a crafty Halloween game

Make your own miniature trick-or-treat. A handy Halloween activity for the brave.

Make a bumprint to remember the tiny years

The cutest, cheekiest and most poetic way to commemorate the early (naked) years. No butts about it.

Make a keepsake all about home

An engaging craft activity to get kids thinking about the importance of home (and their other most favourite hangouts).

Chicken Mittens handprint plushy

A creative way to cherish the size of your tiny toddler's hand... By turning them into a chicken plushy keepsake!

Aunt and Uncle Medals

A charming way for kids to tell aunts and uncles how wonderful they are

Make your own treasure jars

Arrrr. Recycle some jars and learn how to bury treasure like a proper pirate.