Make a bumprint to remember the tiny years


They grow up so fast…

Toddlers. One minute they can barely crawl, the next they’re running down the street with your car keys. Here’s a funny, memorable way to remember how tiny they were. By making art out of their bottoms. Just use that tiny tush like a potato stamp and with a few simple lines, turn it into…well, anything. A pair of talking birds. An elephant. A portrait of a favourite uncle. You decide.

You’ll need:

  • paper
  • a toddler’s bum
  • non-toxic paint
  • a paintbrush
  • pens

How to make a Bumprint in two simple steps

Step 1

Step 1

Check the curtains are closed. Now, paint your toddler’s bum with non-toxic paint. Please be extra careful that the paint is non-toxic. We suggest using a paintbrush for more control. Press painted bum to paper.

Step 2

Step 2

You should have washed that bottom by now, of course. You don’t want Bumprints on your sofa. Wait for paint to dry. Then decide what you’ll turn it into. Perhaps… an elephant, or two lovebirds. Go wild.

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