Make Space Soup with your little explorer

A simple recipe that turns mealtime into a cosmic activity that your kids will love.

BOO-meringue Pops

A Halloween recipe from another dimension to delight, surprise and feed your little devils.

Flower Pot Dips

Delightful little pots of hummus sprouting carrots. A nutritional (and playful) snack, perfect for the weekend or after school!

Veg-hogs recipe

Veg-hogs are a healthy snack idea perfect for kid’s birthday parties (when healthy sometimes goes missing).

Swamp-pea soup recipe

A dangerously good swamp-pea soup recipe featuring a submerged alligator.

A bento box for active kids

Our friend Squid will show you how to make a super fun sport-inspired bento box.

Unicorn’s magical rhubarb crumble

Help Unicorn to make a magical rhubarb crumble in time for his birthday party.

Cheeky monkey popsicles

We’re making a frozen treat you’ll go bananas for - Cheeky Monkey Popsicles. They’re healthy and delicious, but best of all look just like me!

Haddock fish bubbles! (fish fritters) recipe

Help our friend Lobster to make Haddock fish bubbles (that’s fish fritters for you grownups)

Banana bread treasure chest

How to make Pirate’s banana bread with an apple & vanilla compote.