10 best recycled craft ideas for Earth Day

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

22 April is Earth Day! Which is good news here at Wonderbly. We love crafting magic out of everyday objects – especially if it means saving the planet at the same time. That’s why all our books are printed on partly-recycled paper and we don’t use any plastic in our packaging. (Apart from when we ship to places like snowy Canada – and our books need a little extra protection from the elements!)

One of the best things about being a kid is that a cardboard box isn’t just a cardboard box. Oh no! It’s a space rocket. Or a TV you can climb into. Or a bear cave. A child’s imagination is limitless. Here are our top 10 recycled art projects for kids – perfect for inspiring the next generation of eco-warriors.

1. 12 Animals You Can Make With a Toilet Roll

Save your loo rolls, transform them into Zoo Rolls and join the cylinder safari!

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2. 6 Plants You Won’t Be-leaf Are Made From Plastic Bottles

Earth Day Plastic Plants

All the plants you see here were made using nothing but recycled plastic bottles and a lick of paint.

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3. 11 Brilliant Birds You Can Make With Socks

A simple recycling activity that transforms a couple of lonely socks into a fabulous bird.

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4. 8 Egg Box Vehicles You Can Craft at Home

An upcycling activity you can drive, fly and sail with the kids.

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5. 5 Glorious Glove Puppet Dinosaurs

Earth Day Image 4

Turn old rubber gloves into prehistoric dinosaurs in this fun recycling project for kids!

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6. Make This Pop-up Kingdom From Cereal Boxes

Reuse a couple of cereal boxes – and magically transform them into a pop-up kingdom for your little one to take wherever they go.

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7. The Cardboard Snake That Gets Your Toddler Recycling

Earth Day Image 6

Put your toddler in charge of paper and plastic with the cutest (and only?) recycling game in hissssstory.

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8. Send Playtime Into the Stratosphere With This Super DIY Space Rocket

Earth day image 7

Is it a cardboard box? Is it rubbish? No! It’s a gloriously galactic recycled space rocket!

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9. Craft a Spring Bird Cafe From a Milk Carton

Bird cafe, activity, craft, upcycling, spring, nature, kids, toddlers

The perfect outdoor nature project for kids, transforming a recycled milk carton into a trendy garden bird cafe.

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10. Turn Old Jam Jars into Buried Treasure

Treasure jars

Arrrr. Recycle some jars and learn how to bury treasure like a proper pirate.

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